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Author: Lovett Dental

The Importance of Professional Dental Cleaning

| By Lovett DentalAugust 15, 2022

Having a sparkling smile is something most of us aspire to have. However, maintaining white and healthy teeth isn’t always […]

kid happy at a pediatric dental office

Signs of a Cavity in Between Teeth

| By Lovett DentalJune 20, 2022

You know the importance of brushing your teeth and having good oral hygiene to avoid cavities. But did you know […]

sedation dentistry

Types of Sedation Dentistry

, | By Lovett DentalMay 15, 2022

Preventive treatment is essential for general health. You can go to the doctor once a year for physicals and blood […]

Do Teeth Whitening Strips Work?

, | By Lovett DentalFebruary 8, 2022

You've seen the ads on TV and social media. They're the next big influencer trend, but do teeth whitening strips […]

I have a dental emergency thinks woman holding jaw in pain

Why is Your Tooth Sensitive to Cold?

, | By Lovett DentalFebruary 8, 2022

Anyone who has dealt with the pain of a sensitive tooth knows it's no fun. To other people, you might […]

woman being fitted for a single tooth implant

What to Expect During a Teeth Whitening Session

, | By Lovett DentalJanuary 20, 2022

People often say that their smile is the first thing they see when they meet someone. While your smile doesn't […]

woman struggling with teeth grinding

What are Veneers & How Long Do They Last?

| By Lovett DentalJanuary 20, 2022

You'll find people with flawless, even smiles that are blindingly white any time you turn on the TV or browse […]

model of teeth what are dental implants

What are Same-Day Dental Implants?

| By Lovett DentalJanuary 20, 2022

Many people have avoided having implants to replace their missing or decayed teeth because it was complicated or took several […]

hand holding hybrid fixed dentures

Gingivitis vs. Periodontitis

| By Lovett DentalJanuary 20, 2022

Gum disease has been a significant problem in human history for many millennia. It is hard to imagine Ancient Egyptians […]

Freedom Day at Lovett Webster

| By Lovett DentalOctober 12, 2021

Celebrate Freedom Day At Lovett Dental We all know how much our troops have sacrificed for our country, but have […]

a woman smiling because she finally found Toothache relief

Toothache Relief

, | By Lovett DentalAugust 9, 2021

Tooth pain and toothaches are a common problem in the United States. More than 2 million Americans went to the […]

individual getting dental braces again

5 Signs You Need Dental Braces Again

, , | By Lovett DentalJuly 13, 2021

Most adults who had dental braces as a teen do not want to go down that path again. Unfortunately, there […]

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