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The Importance of Children’s Dentistry

small kid getting childrens dentistry

Good oral hygiene is one of the most critical aspects of a child's development and well-being. Hence, parents and guardians need to take their kids to a dentist once their teeth start developing. Taking this step will help create a dental care routine that is suitable for their tender gums. Lovett Dental offers a wide range of children's dentistry services such as teeth cleaning and decay treatment. Contact us today at 832-804-7427 for more information about our pediatric dentistry services.

The Benefits of Children's Dentistry

One of the most significant benefits of children's dentistry is that it helps them embrace good oral health care habits. A specialist can teach a child how to brush and floss their teeth properly. Observing these measures will help prevent the buildup of plaque, which can trigger tooth decay and gingivitis.

Pediatric dentistry helps in the early diagnosis and treatment of oral health problems like gum recession. Moreover, a dentist can advise parents on observing practices that promote good oral health, such as a proper diet. They can also recommend the most effective toothbrush and toothpaste for the child based on various needs.

Habits your child develops during infancy, such as thumb sucking and using a pacifier, can affect speech development and teeth alignment. While stopping this habit may be challenging, a specialist can help a child overcome and trade these practices with healthy ones.

What to Expect During a Child's First Dental Visit

Learning more about what to expect during a dental visit can help parents prepare their children, which reduces anxiety. Depending on the child's age, the dentist may conduct various tests to assess their oral health. One of the activities likely to occur during the session is cleaning teeth using a soft electric toothbrush and other tools to get rid of plaque and tartar.

Based on the information they gather during tests, the dentist may recommend various corrective treatments and devices. Some of these include dental fillings and extractions for decayed teeth and sealants to correct chipping. In some cases, they may recommend a fluoride treatment to strengthen the tooth enamel and kill bacteria that may cause an infection. Other procedures that may take place during a child's dental session include:

How to Prepare a Child for a Dental Appointment

Preparing children for their first dental appointment can reduce fear and anxiety. One effective preparation method is to play games that involve teeth examination. During these activities, parents can educate their kids on the importance of visiting a dentist and maintaining good dental hygiene. Other activities that can familiarize kids with the procedure include reading books and watching videos about oral health.

Parents are likely to instill fear and transfer anxiety to their kids when talking about bad experiences. So, they should try to stay calm and positive when describing dental care procedures. Most children are also likely to feel more comfortable in a dentist's office if they bring their favorite toy. Additional tips for preparing children for a dental appointment include:

  • Stay in the room during the examination
  • Opt for a pediatric dentist over a general one
  • Avoid using bribes to convince them to visit a dentist
  • Take them along during your appointments

Contact Lovett Dental to Book an Appointment for Your Child

Taking a child to a dentist is ideal for building a good foundation for their oral health. At Lovett Dental, we offer children's dentistry services to improve your child's well-being. Our pediatric dentists have the skills needed to identify and treat various dental health concerns. Besides, they offer habit counseling to help kids quit problematic practices such as thumb sucking. Reach out to Lovett Dental now at 832-804-7427 for professional dental care services.