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Dental Bonding

Everyone strives for a set of pearly whites. However, not everyone has perfectly straight teeth. Injuries, accidents, poor dental hygiene, growing older, and natural wear and tear all contribute to compromised oral health, which affects everyone at some point in their lives. Dental bonding, however, can help you fix many of these issues and get the smile of your dreams.

When compared to other aesthetic and restorative procedures, dental bonding has many benefits. Compared to veneers or crowns, these advantages include less expense and faster outcomes. Our dental bonding services in Houston, Texas have a high success rate for improving the appearance of teeth. Find out more about our cosmetic dental care in Houston by contacting us today.

Get Dental Bonding at our Houston, Texas Dental Offices

Dental bonding is regularly performed for patients at Lovett, Splendid, and Haven Dentistry. We employ this highly coveted substance to help you attain a picture-perfect grin and put an end to a wide range of dental issues. What's more, it won't degrade for a long time.

Moreover, we offer the following essential dental services:

A Whiter, Brighter Smile with Dental Bonding

In Houston, dental bonding entails the application of composite resin to the tooth surfaces. This substance blends in perfectly with your natural teeth, completing your grin beautifully.

A tooth's surface is abraded to make it rougher before the bonding procedure begins. By roughening the surface, bonding material is better able to adhere to the tooth, ensuring long-lasting results.

After the area is prepared, the bonding material is applied and shaped by your dentist before being cured with a laser. The bonding material is hardened by the curing process, giving the tooth a natural appearance and feel. At last, your dentist will polish the surface of your new tooth so that it blends in with the natural teeth around it.

Dental bonding typically requires just a single appointment. Once your appointment is over, you can get back to doing what you normally do. You won't have to change anything or feel awkward about it. No anesthetic is needed for the procedure.

Do I Need Dental Bonding?

Many dental problems can be addressed through dental bonding. Bonding's primary application is to repair chips, but it also can be used to close gaps or lengthen teeth that are too short for their surrounding ones. Covering stained teeth, hiding amalgam fillings, and even replacing metal fillings are all ways in which dental bonding services can improve the appearance of your smile.

If you want whiter, brighter teeth or need damaged teeth fixed, your dentist can explain your alternatives. Dental bonding is an alternative that can be used in many situations.

Even though bonding restores teeth permanently, your dentist may only use it temporarily. While waiting for dental veneers or other long-term solutions, some patients have their teeth bonded.

How Do You Take Care of Your Teeth?

Bonded teeth require the same regular maintenance as natural teeth. You should still clean your teeth at least twice a day and once a day with floss. The adhesive is not stain-resistant. Thus, stay away from the red wine, coffee, tomato sauce, and cigarettes that can leave unsightly stains on your clothes and upholstery.

Maintaining your dental bonding also requires regular dental checkups and cleanings. At each appointment, your dentist will examine the restorations to look for any wear, damage, or decay.

Habits that weaken your teeth or wear down bonding material should be avoided at all costs. You shouldn't chew your nails, use your teeth to open bottles or containers, or chew on hard things like pencils. In addition, it's a good idea to use a mouth guard.

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