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Dental Exam in Houston, TX

Keep your teeth in good shape. It's easy to take your teeth, tongue, and mouth for granted, but they're used constantly when you eat, talk, chew food, and swallow liquids. It's easy to disregard the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene, but ignoring this advice can have disastrous consequences. 

The good news is that we can assist you with that. Instead of waiting for a patient to come in pain for an emergency appointment, Lovett Dental encourages regular checkups to avoid the need for emergency care. Count on us to assist you in scheduling your next routine dental examination. For more information on the services we offer, please call Lovett Dental at 832-804-7427.

The Importance of a Regular Dental Exam

It is critical that you keep your dental appointments on time. In general, you should visit our office for a dental cleaning every six months. In some cases, you may need to visit our office more frequently. Patients with chronic dental conditions, for example, may require more frequent visits. If you are past due for your next dental visit, the Lovett Dental team will notify you. We understand that you have a lot on your plate every day, and you may be unable to keep up with your next dental appointment in Houston, Texas. We will notify you if it has been six months since your last dental visit.

Getting Ready for Your Next Dental Visit

It's important to be well prepared for your next dental checkup. You may want to perform the following before your next appointment with our office:

  • Get your thoughts down on paper in the event that you have any queries or issues. So that you can bring them with you to our office without forgetting them.
  • Get your dental records from your previous dentist before visiting us. You can fax them to us in advance if that helps. That way, you can leave the house without worrying about leaving them behind.
  • Consider bringing us your toothbrush or dental floss issues if you have any queries or concerns. Then we can examine it to see if we have any other suggestions.

When you visit our office to see your general dentist, we want you to feel at ease. Getting these things out of the way in advance will help us achieve our goal.

During the Dental Exam

When you visit our Texas dental office for an exam, a number of procedures will be carried out. We intend to thoroughly clean your teeth. We'll achieve this by cleaning your teeth thoroughly using toothpaste, floss, and fluoride. In addition, we will use advanced tools to clean your teeth and get rid of any tartar buildup.

The next step is for the dentist to examine your teeth carefully for cavities. Taking a dental x-ray may be necessary at some point. This step is critical for checking the alignment of your teeth and the health of your gums. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay more pleasant.

Contact Lovett Dental for a Routine Dental Exam

We know you may have some worries and questions about your upcoming dental exam. We're here to help you with that. Your oral health is our number one concern here at Lovett Dentistry. Call 832-804-7427 today to speak with a staff member about setting up an appointment for your next dental checkup. We're willing to lend a hand.