The world of healthcare, which includes dentistry, branches into many specialties. You see a primary care provider, such as a family practice or internal medicine doctor, for your everyday health needs. In the same way, you need a general dentist for your preventive, diagnostic, and general dental care. At Lovett Dental, you experience general dentistry in Texas from caring dental professionals in Houston with decades of experience.

What Is General Dentistry?

Woman visiting our general dentistry Texas office Texas general dentistYour Texas general dentist provides most of the dental care you need throughout your lifetime. This type of dentist sees you for your routine checkups and teeth cleanings. They provide a thorough exam, checking your teeth, gums, bone, and tissues for general wellness and signs of problems. They direct the dental hygienist who provides your teeth cleanings and discuss your dental and physical health with you.

General dentistry in Texas at Lovett Dental is among the best dental care you and your family can receive. If you experience tooth decay, gum disease, or other oral health problems, your general dentist helps you get your wellness back on track through diagnosis and restorations. Of course, general dentistry does so much more for you, than just checkups, cleanings, and fillings.

What Services Does General Dentistry in Texas Include?

Specialists in dentistry focus on one or more types of dental care, whereas general dentists provide the range of services you need for ongoing good health. These services of general dentistry in Texas include:

Some general dentists also provide Texas cosmetic dentistry and other elective services. This means that if you want a whiter, brighter smile, your general dentist helps you achieve those specific goals.

When you see a general dentist who also specializes in other types of dental care, this expands the services they provide in one office. At Lovett Dental, your general dental care and other services include various types of specialty care. This means you receive all of the general dentistry services in Texas you need, plus additional dental care that includes:

Imagine the amount of time and energy you save, taking your family to one dental office, as opposed to multiple. This diverse approach to dentistry at Lovett Dental makes your life easier, through more accessible and convenient dental care.

Qualifications of General Dentistry

Your Texas general dentist receives an undergraduate degree first, before going to dental school. That entails four years of study for a Bachelors. To become a general dentist, they must finish four years of dental school at an accredited institution. They also go through rigorous testing and continuing education requirements, according to the Texas state licensing board.

Your Texas general dentist either uses the initials DMD or DDS after their name. DMD is a doctor of dental medicine. A DDS is a doctor of dental surgery. Both titles have the same level of education and must adhere to the same state requirements to practice general dentistry.

General Dentistry You Can Trust in Houston

Lovett Dental provides general dentistry and all of the dental services most individuals and families need. We provide you with immediate access to multiple dental professionals from all backgrounds and levels of experience. So you know you receive only the highest quality of care for all of your oral health needs.

We look forward to meeting your general dentistry in Texas needs at Lovett Dental. Call us at 832.990.8754 to schedule your first visit or next routine exam.