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What Services Are Available at Lovett Pearland Dental Office?

General Dentistry

All your general dentistry needs can be met at Lovett Dental Pearland. If you want to keep your natural teeth and still have access to cosmetic and restorative dentistry, we can help. With the help of our expert dentists, your teeth will continue to feel and look great for the rest of your life.

We offer comprehensive dental care, from routine exams and cleanings to more complex procedures like dental implants. Get in touch with us for a no-cost consultation if you're interested in learning more about what we can do for you. We'll find you a top-notch general dentist in your area.

Preventative Dentistry

If you care about your teeth and gums, preventative dental care is a must. The goal of preventative dentistry is to delay or prevent dental problems like cavities from developing in the first place. Your confidence in your smile may be boosted. Lovett Dental Pearland provides preventative dental care for patients of all ages in Texas.

Preventive dentistry relies on a number of different factors. Checkups, X-rays, and cleanings are cornerstones of these preventative measures. You probably already know you should do this once every six months, but you're probably also interested in our other preventative dentistry services to make absolutely sure your smile is protected from any potential threats in the future.

Dental Sealants:

In order to keep bacteria out of the gums and teeth, dentists sometimes use a material called a sealant. As a result, you may reduce your risk of developing cavities and losing teeth to decay. People who consume a lot of sugar, like children who have not yet developed good dental hygiene practices, are common candidates for sealants because they are at the highest risk for developing cavities.

Deep Cleanings:

People who consume a lot of sugar, like children who have not yet developed good dental hygiene practices, are common candidates for sealants because they are at the highest risk for developing cavities.

Regular dental cleanings are essential for good oral health. When gum disease's early warning signs, like bleeding and sensitivity, appear, it's time for a deeper, more thorough cleaning. Periodontal disease and tooth decay can be avoided by removing bacteria from the gum line.

Flouride Treatments: The purpose of fluoride treatments is to fortify the teeth against decay. The addition of this vital mineral to your diet will greatly benefit the condition of your teeth and gums. Many people could benefit from taking in fluoride, especially if they don't get it in their water.

Restorative Dentistry

The field of dentistry known as "restorative dentistry" focuses on fixing broken or missing teeth. The purpose is to repair your teeth and offer ways to enhance your smile. Lovett Dental Pearland's restorative dentistry services in Texas are extensive enough to deal with many difficult cases. Our cutting-edge procedures for dental restoration will completely revitalize your grin.

You can trust that the professionals at Lovett Dental Pearland will work with you to find the right dental treatment for your needs. Your oral health is our top priority. Sometimes, dental restoration is preceded by the removal of decayed teeth or the treatment of periodontal disease in the gums. After that, we'll advise you on what kind of restorative dental care would be most beneficial to you. Among the many things we can do for you are:

Dental Implants: 

This treatment is now considered by many to be the first choice when it comes to replacing missing teeth. These are fixed into the jawbone to provide extreme stability and durability, restoring natural chewing function.

Dental Crowns:

Dental crowns have several uses. They can be used to bridge the gap between two teeth, cap a dental implant, or even cover a weak tooth to prevent further damage. They blend in with your other teeth and perform like real ones.

When one or more teeth are missing, a dental bridge can be used to fill the gap. They can be a permanent fix because they are fixed in place by the teeth on either side of the gap.


This dental treatment is a great option for people who are missing multiple teeth. Dentures, either partial or complete, are available. You can choose from a variety of smile makeover options provided by our restorative dentistry team.

Dental Veneers:

The appearance of your smile can also be enhanced with dental veneers, another type of application we offer. This dental restoration is used to conceal discoloration and other cosmetic flaws by bonding a thin film to the tooth's surface.

Emergency Dental Services

Visit Lovett Dental Pearland's website or give them a call right away if you're having a dental emergency or just want the best dental care available.

Anxiety & Sleep Dentistry

The goal of a sedation dentist is to help you feel completely at ease while undergoing dental work. Thus, this aids in avoiding anxieties by making you more at ease during dental procedures. People who have had a negative encounter with a dentist in the past are more likely to avoid further dental care for fear of another bad outcome.

How do you choose the best dentist among all the options available? You should plan on frequent trips to the dentist. Therefore, you should select a dentist who is familiar with pediatric dentistry and who is available during dental emergencies.

Family Dentistry

You need trustworthy family dentistry if you have young children, teenagers, or elderly parents living with you. Family dentistry clinics are one-stop shops for all your dental care requirements. Dental care for the whole family is something we specialize in here at Lovett Dental Pearland. Please contact us if you'd like more information on how to choose a family dentist.

Your kids will require various medical interventions as they develop. Cosmetic dentistry and other services offered by Lovett Dental Pearland are ideal for the growing population of geriatric patients. The following are just some of the family-friendly services we offer:

  • Extractions
  • Fillings and sealants
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Cosmetic dentistry options
  • Braces

Appointments for routine care, such as cleanings, checkups, and anything else that may arise, can be scheduled back-to-back with yourself and your children. It's hard enough just living life. While it's not possible to place an online order for dental care, it is possible to streamline the process by having all of your family's dental needs met in one place.

Visit our office if you're looking for a dental staff that cares about your individual oral health concerns. Some people, despite their best efforts, will always have dental issues. To keep your teeth and gums in good health, we take the time to learn about your daily routine. In addition to customized treatment plans, the professionals at our family dental clinic will also help you create a solid preventive routine at home.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you're looking to improve the look of your smile and teeth, Lovett Dental Pearland offers a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures. We use cutting-edge care and the latest technology to bring your teeth back to life.

If you have severely discolored, broken, or improperly aligned teeth, you may benefit from cosmetic dentistry. Get in touch with us right away to arrange a no-cost consultation and learn more about the services we offer.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a procedure that may be necessary as part of your regular oral hygiene routine. Dental bonding is a less expensive alternative to other methods of tooth repair and restructuring and may be necessary to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. People who want a whiter smile or to fix gaps or chips in their teeth can turn to dental bonding.

Teeth Whitening

White, healthy teeth are the best. Even though your teeth will never be perfectly white again, professional teeth whitening services can help you restore their appearance. Both in-office and take-home options are available at Lovett Dental Pearland. Depending on your specific requirements, a number of alternatives are available.

Whitening your teeth is a tried and true method for improving your appearance. The best part is that hiring a professional cleaner doesn't have to break the bank. Get in touch with Lovett Dental Pearland right now to learn more about teeth whitening. When you come in for the first time, you can get a free consultation.

Implants & Smile Makeover

Do you need a permanent replacement for a missing or broken tooth? Dental implants are available at Lovett Dental Pearland. Implants are not only long-lasting, but also functional and comfortable. All implants are made to order and are designed to look and feel just like your real teeth.

The best part about dental implants is how simple they are to care for. Just like with your regular teeth, you should brush, floss, and rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash. We also suggest scheduling biannual checkups at Lovett Dental Pearland. Call us or fill out our easy online form today to learn more about dental implants. When you come to our Pearland location for the first time, we'll give you a free consultation.


A better smile might be something you're interested in. Dental veneers may be the answer for those who are self-conscious about their teeth's appearance or who are simply curious about how to improve a minor flaw in their smile.

Cosmetic dentistry from Lovett Dental Pearland can restore your smile and boost your oral health. The dental experts on our staff prioritize patient comfort above all else. Dental veneers are a popular choice because they can transform a person's smile into one they've always dreamed of.


After tooth loss, dentures can be an invaluable aid in continuing good oral hygiene practices. Cavities and infections, old age, oral trauma, gum disease, and even normal wear and tear can all lead to tooth loss. You can eat, drink, and speak normally once you get dentures. People often fail to notice that you are even wearing dentures.

There are several varieties of dentures:

Immediate full denture: 

This type of denture is given to patients after they have had all their teeth extracted. You'll need to wear this removable denture while your gums and tissues heal from tooth extractions.

Conventional full denture: 

After healing from surgery, you'll switch to a regular denture.

Partial denture: 

Dentures are an option even if you don't need to have any teeth pulled. Metal is used for the frame of a partial option. It is affixed to the patient's natural teeth, sometimes with the help of crowns. It functions like a bridge but can be taken out of the mouth if necessary.

You can trust our knowledgeable dentists to advise you on the best course of action for your long-term ease and oral health.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our goal at Lovett Dental Pearland is to instill in your child a lifetime of positive associations with visiting the dentist. Our pediatric dentists and their welcoming staff genuinely enjoy seeing your child's happy face, and they will do everything they can to ensure that your child develops a lasting, positive association with visiting the dentist.

We strive to give each of our patients bright, healthy smiles. We think that starting with a healthy mouth is the first step toward a long and happy life.

Dentists who focus on children are called pediatric dentists. At our family dental clinic, the pediatric dentists have received additional years of training beyond dental school. They specialize in the oral health of infants, children, and adolescents, including those with special health care requirements.

Children's dental care requirements are unique from infancy through adolescence. A dentist with training in pediatric dentistry is best suited to address these unique concerns. You can trust that your child will receive the highest quality of care in pediatric dentistry at Lovett Dental Pearland.

Specialist Dentistry

Lovett Dental Pearland provides a wide range of specialty dental services to meet all of your dental needs. We offer a variety of restorative dental services to address missing teeth, damaged teeth, and gum problems. We can treat your dental problems, whether you have tooth decay or gum disease.

Our dental specialist services are provided by board-certified dental hygienists. Our clinic provides a welcoming and caring environment in which you can unwind while receiving dental care. We use cutting-edge technology and methods to ensure that every job is completed successfully.

Call Lovett Dental Pearland today to learn more about our dental specialist services, including our orthodontic services. If you have an emergency, please call us or come to our office for a walk-in appointment.


When your smile isn't properly aligned, it can lead to a number of issues. This includes issues with biting and chewing, speaking, and a smile you might not want to show off. We can correct these issues with proper orthodontics. Lovett Dental Pearland provides a variety of specialty dental services that could significantly improve your smile. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist in our South Houston office to receive the care you require.

Dental Implants and Smile Makeover

Do you need a long-term solution to replace a missing or damaged tooth? Lovett Dental Pearland provides dental implants. Implants offer comfort, functionality, and long-term durability. All implants are custom-made to match your natural teeth in size and color.

The best part is that dental implants are simple to clean and maintain. You brush, floss, and use mouthwash as you would any other tooth. We also recommend that you see your Lovett Dental Pearland dentist on a regular basis. Contact us today to learn more about dental implants by calling or filling out our simple online form. On your first visit to our Pearland office, we will provide you with a free consultation.

Dental implants services provide several advantages, including:

  • You can't tell the difference if it looks natural and matches your teeth.
  • Implants are a significant investment because they last for more than a decade.
  • You gain the ability to chew on tough foods.
  • You have gum line and jawbone tissue protection.
  • They require only basic brushing and routine doctor visits.

Your dental implant will require some adjustment at first. You may experience some minor discomfort or even pain. However, it won't be long before you realize all of the advantages of dental implant services. You'll especially appreciate how well your implant works when you're eating.


Gum health is an important component of overall oral health. You won't be as healthy as you could be if you don't have healthy gums. Gum disease patients are more likely to have other diseases and disorders such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic respiratory disease. The discovery of periodontics at Lovett Dental Pearland is the first step toward receiving comprehensive oral healthcare. When it comes to periodontics, our specialty dental services can help you understand what to expect.

A periodontist is a dental implant specialist. A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is placed in your mouth and attached to your jawbone.

A periodontist will perform the following procedures for you:

  • Gum cleaning at its finest (scaling and planning)
  • Surface root debridement
  • Dental surgery
  • Dental implants in their entirety (maintenance, repair, and installation)
  • A periodontist will also diagnose your situation and assess the severity of your case in addition to these procedures.

Dental Surgery

Oral surgery is becoming more common as people realize that oral health is more than just having healthy teeth. As a result, you should always be prepared for this, especially if you've previously received oral treatments. In the United States, many health care facilities provide this type of treatment.

Anxiety and Sleep Dentistry

Sedation dentistry employs drugs to keep you calm during dental procedures. As a result, this reduces anxiety by making you more at ease at the dentist. Individuals who have had a negative prior experience with a dental specialist are often hesitant to undergo any dental procedure, which often results in poor oral health.

There are numerous dentists all over, how do you choose the best one for your family? Keep in mind that you may need to visit the dentist frequently. As a result, your preferred dentist should be one who understands your family's dental care needs and can provide emergency dental services.

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