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What Are Hybrid Fixed Dentures?

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Tooth loss can lower self-esteem and lead to adverse problems such as weakening of the jaw bone. However, various dental procedures can replace missing teeth and restore normal functioning. One of the most effective teeth replacement options is hybrid fixed dentures. If you are missing teeth and wish to get replacements, learn about the available options at Lovett Dental by calling 832-804-7427 today.

What are Hybrid Fixed Dentures?

Hybrid fixed dentures are a tooth replacement option that entails artificial crowns fixed on implants. This dental procedure is suitable for people that find it challenging to use removable dentures. It is also an ideal treatment for bone loss caused by the loss of a substantial number of teeth. Unlike regular dentures, this type involves supporting teeth using titanium posts set in the jaw. This anchorage prevents the denture from moving around, especially when eating or brushing.

Advantages of Hybrid Fixed Dentures

One of the most significant advantages of hybrid dentures is that they offer a natural look and feel. Before installing them, a dentist will measure the patient's mouth and imprint the gum and remaining teeth. This impression helps in determining the most suitable size and shape of dentures.

Teeth loss affects speech and makes it challenging to chew food, which can lead to digestion problems. Hybrid fixed dentures have a firm anchorage that helps in restoring essential teeth functions. Furthermore, the materials used to make the dentures are long-lasting and easy to clean by regular brushing and flossing. Other benefits of hybrid fixed dentures include:

  • They are more comfortable than temporary dentures
  • Easy replacement in case of breakage
  • They can reduce facial aging caused by tooth loss
  • They do not cause gum irritation or soreness
  • Hybrid dentures do not have dietary restrictions

How to Maintain Your Dentures

Proper maintenance of hybrid dentures can preserve their appearance and boost life span. One way to maintain them is by brushing twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. It is also vital to floss around the teeth and gum line to prevent the accumulation of food particles that can trigger infection.

Other than that, one should visit a dentist regularly for professional dental cleanings. Taking this step helps remove tartar and clean regions that flossing and brushing may not reach. The specialist may also provide fluoride treatments to kill bacteria and strengthen the remaining teeth. It is also advisable to wear a mouthguard when playing sports, to protect the dentures from breakage. In case one experiences any pain or swelling around the gum line after getting hybrid dentures, they should contact their dentist.

Who Can Get Hybrid Dentures?

Before getting hybrid dental implants, it is vital to undergo an evaluation to determine suitability. An ideal candidate should have healthy gum tissue and a sufficient amount of jaw bone. Dentists often take various X-rays to assess whether a patient's bone structure can support the implant. Other tests may also occur to identify chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Additional factors that determine suitability for hybrid dentures include:

  • Lifestyle habits such as tobacco usage
  • Previous experience with other types of dentures
  • The patient's age
  • The extent of tooth loss

Get Cosmetic Dentistry At Lovett Dental

Teeth replacement can prevent health issues associated with teeth loss and improve appearance. At Lovett Dental, we provide dental procedures such as evaluation and fitting of hybrid fixed dentures. Our specialists can also advise you on how to maintain proper oral hygiene after the replacement. Other oral healthcare services we offer include:

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