Patients of Lovett Dental in Texas enjoy immediate access to a broad range of specialty dental services through the practice’s multidisciplinary approach. At Lovett Dental, you also receive the compassionate treatment you seek for everyone in your family, young and old.

What are Specialty Services Available at Lovett Dental?

patient and dentist discussing specialty dental services in txMany people have not heard of a multidisciplinary approach to dentistry as offered at Lovett Dental, as this type of practice is rare. Multidisciplinary dental care is treatment received through a range of dental specialists in one location.

Our specialty dental services include:

Our General Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry Services

General dentistry is not actually one of the dental specialist services. But general dentistry serves as the starting point of all of your dental treatment. Through your general dentist, your family members of all ages undergo routine dental checkups and teeth cleanings. You also receive preventive care, diagnostic services, and restorative services.

Your general dentist can also provide some cosmetic treatment, orthodontics, and other dental services. But when you need specific services outside the realm of their expertise, your general dentist refers you to dental specialist services. Such is the case for many children who receive their first dental specialist services through pediatric dentistry.

Your growing child sees a pediatric dentist from infancy, through childhood, and into late teen years. These dental specialty services come from an expert with two years’ additional training and residency beyond dental school. A pediatric dentist provides help for oral development problems, including a malformed bite or crooked teeth. They also help your child feel comfortable and relaxed at dental visits, forming the foundation for a lifetime of healthy dental routines.

Oral Surgery Services

Having an oral surgeon in your dental practice means you receive these specialty dental services without traveling to another location. Your Lovett Dental oral surgeon can restore broken bones of the face and jaw. They also repair facial injuries and those to the jaw, nasal bones, cheekbones, eye sockets, and forehead.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

When you want to improve your smile, cosmetic specialty dental services help you reach your goals. Your cosmetic dentist at Lovett Dental provides dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening, composite bonding, and a smile makeover, among other cosmetic treatments. Because these specialists work closely with your general dentist at Lovett Dental, you receive the best possible care from beginning to end of your treatment plan.

Orthodontics Services

Orthodontics is the specialty dental services that use devices to correct problems with your smile and bite. Your orthodontist helps your family members of all ages achieve their most attractive and well-formed jaw, teeth, and bite. Houston orthodontists also work closely with general dentists and pediatric dentists at Lovett Dental to ensure all of your treatment stays on the same track.

Periodontics Services

Periodontists work to prevent, diagnose, and treat oral inflammation, such as caused by periodontal disease. If you want dental implants, a periodontist can also help you through that process. These dentist specialist services occur at the hands of a licensed dentist who elected to specialize in periodontics. They attend three extra years of training and education after dental school to learn how to diagnose and treat periodontal diseases.

Endodontics Services

When you suffer tooth pain, a traumatic dental injury, or need a root canal, an endodontist is a specialist you need. These specialty dental services use advanced training and technologies to help you preserve your smile. If the endodontist cannot save your natural teeth, they can help you through dental implantation.

All of the Specialty Dental Services You Need at Lovett Dental

Lovett Dental provides all of the specialty dental services you need for your healthiest and most attractive smile. In fact, we want to provide the best dental experience of your life. Contact us today at 832.990.8754, or contact us online to learn how being a patient of Lovett Dental is one of the best decisions you can make for your smile.