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Impacted Teeth in Houston, Texas

When one or more permanent teeth fail to emerge completely through the gum, they are said to be "impacted." If a tooth doesn't come in or develops improperly, we say that it is impacted. Canines affected by impact usually appear between the ages of 10 and 14 in children. 

Adult canine teeth may remain impacted due to genetics, overcrowding, or a small mouth, all of which can prevent them from erupting through the gums. Teeth becoming impacted is rather common. Oral surgery and subsequent orthodontic therapy are typically required to correct impacted teeth.

Treatment for Impacted Teeth

The best outcome can be achieved with early diagnosis of impacted teeth. Impacted canines are typically treated with orthodontic braces. Braces, if placed correctly, direct the growth of adult canines. The canine teeth of infants typically shed on their own. The adult canines will push the baby teeth out of the way until there is enough space for them to erupt. Babies can develop canines so crowded that they must be surgically removed.

Orthodontic treatment is typically preceded by a period of oral surgery. Our dentist will have to make room for permanent canines. Other solutions include making more room for the canine teeth by extracting some of the lower teeth. In some cases, surgery is needed to expose fully impacted canine teeth.

When the adult canine teeth have adequate room, they can be guided into proper alignment by a variety of orthodontic procedures. Wire can be wrapped around the canine to gently move it away from the soft palate and into the proper position for growth. Sometimes, though, all that's needed are a few braces to set it straight.

What If You Ignore Impacted Teeth?

Because they lacked access to dental treatment as youngsters, some individuals now suffer with impacted eye teeth. Maybe it's just because nobody noticed anything was wrong. We want to stress that impacted teeth are not anyone's fault.

Early intervention is something you've likely heard about if your child has impacted teeth. You can't give your impacted teeth the attention they need if they are affected. These issues may arise in anyone with this illness.

  • Decay within affected canine teeth as well as surrounding teeth
  • Cavities
  • Infection with redness and swelling
  • Diseases developing in the gums and tissues, including gingivitis
  • Nearby teeth getting crowded and misaligned
  • Cysts that affect other teeth and destroy any essential bone
  • Bone or nearby teeth that get absorbed and disappear

The best way to prevent these issues is to have regular checkups with one of our general dentists. In extremely rare cases, dogs that have been hit may not require any additional treatment. Nonetheless, in most cases, further treatment is necessary.

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