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What Services Are Available at Lovett Corpus Christi Dental Office?

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General Dentistry

General dentistry at Lovett Dental Corpus Christi assists patients with a variety of oral health care services that can help improve their smile. Some of these procedures help to prevent various oral diseases from developing entirely. Some of these diseases include cavities, which a record number of people experience at some point in their lives.

It is highly recommended that you receive a dental checkup and teeth cleaning every six months. However, it is in your best interest to visit your general dentist more often than six months to ensure that your mouth is in optimal health. We will examine your gums and teeth to determine if there are any issues. Your general dentist will recommend that you closely follow a dental hygiene plan to keep your teeth clean outside of our office.

Preventative Dentistry

When you arrive at our office for a preventative dental visit, there are several tasks that we are going to complete. These include:

  • Reviewing your dental history and see if anything has changed since the last time we met with you
  • Deciding whether or not to take X-rays of your teeth to make sure they are straight
  • General brushing of each of your individual teeth
  • Flossing in between your teeth
  • Applying fluoride to each of your individual teeth
  • Finally, the dentist is going to come in and take a look at each of your individual teeth to see if there are any issues

He recommended all of our patients invest in regular teeth cleanings every six months. If there are any acute issues regarding your teeth, we will review them with you during the visit. Some of the issues that we may address include cavities, ceilings, crowns, and dental implants.

Restorative Dentistry

To keep your mouth healthy and fully functional, we may need to use restorative dentistry. This includes a wide variety of services, including dental crowns, dental bridges, dental fillings, and even dental implants. If there are any acute issues related to your mouth, we may have to use a dental restoration to address them.

The goal of dental restoration is to restore the health, appearance, and function of all parts of your mouth. Usually, this involves the enamel on the surface; however, this may also require work beneath the surface of the gums as well. Before we get started with any of these procedures, we will review them with you thoroughly. Then, we will answer any questions that you have before we get started.

Emergency Dental Services

If you are experiencing anything that might constitute an emergency — or looking for top-notch dental care in general — reach out to Lovett Dental Corpus Christi online or call to schedule an appointment today.

If you’ve chipped or broken a tooth, it may be possible to reattach the pieces to your tooth, but only your dentist can tell you for sure. Take the following steps and see your general dentist right away. Remember to take the pieces with you.

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean it and apply gauze to the area. Use firm pressure to stop the bleeding. Try to find the chipped or broken tooth pieces right away.
  • When the bleeding stops, apply a cold compress to the injured area to minimize swelling. If bleeding does not stop after ten minutes of constant, firm pressure, see your dentist or go to the emergency room.
  • Save the tooth’s pieces and gently rinse with warm water.
  • Place the pieces in a small container and cover them with milk, water with a pinch of salt, or saliva from the injured person.

Anxiety & Sleep Dentistry

There are numerous reasons why you may be a good candidate for sedation during your dental sessions. Whether your appointment is for regular teeth cleaning or a more involved procedure, we can help. The sedation dentistry Lovett Dental Corpus Christi provides patients can help in many situations. This includes things such as:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Bad gag reflexes
  • A low pain threshold
  • Bad previous experiences
  • General anxiety associated with dental procedures

All of these situations can make a visit to the dentist uncomfortable, and many patients experience these typical forms of anxiety. Fortunately, a sedation dentist can help. When you have sensitive teeth, many dental procedures can be quite painful. Even cold water can feel excruciating on a sensitive tooth.

Root Canals

A root canal is a treatment used to eliminate harmful bacteria in the root of a tooth. Inside your tooth, there are root canals, which can harbor bacteria that cause pain and abscesses. When bacteria get through your tooth’s enamel and to its root, it can cause significant damage. Teeth can decay and break away. If left untreated, individuals can lose their teeth and develop serious infections that impact their whole body’s health.

When a patient has a root canal, the goal is to remove the infected or inflamed pulp so that it is later replaced. The decayed portions of the tooth are stripped away, allowing your dentist to repair the remaining space. The tooth is disinfected and sealed so that the original tooth stays in the patient’s mouth. Often, clients get a customized dental crown or dental veneer to bring their tooth in line with the others in their mouth, so they don’t lose any function.

Family Dentistry

It can be a challenge for many families to find a single dentist to meet everyone’s needs. Young children have different needs than adolescents. Similarly, young adults, adults, and seniors require different approaches to maintaining positive oral care. Finding a family dentist that can accommodate these needs and grown with the family as they progress is invaluable. At Lovett Dental Corpus Christi, we believe good oral health is a family affair.

Our team of pediatric dental experts can not only make your family feel at home in our offices, but we’ll grow with you ensuring your family’s dental health. Working with your family to ensure your children’s best dental care is our specialty at Lovett Dental Corpus Christi.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental procedures include many types of dental work performed to make the teeth look better. There are many different forms and procedures that fall under this category of dentistry. Not all dentists are capable of repairing, replacing, or resurfacing teeth to make them look better. If you need cosmetic dental services, it best to choose a dentist with the right experience to make your teeth look their best. You don’t have to live with unattractive or missing teeth any longer.

Dental Bonding

For those who are yet unfamiliar, dental bonding is a procedure that involves using a tooth-colored resin material (which is a versatile, durable plastic), is applied and hardened, with the help of a special light, which bonds the material to the tooth to help improve its appearance. This cost-effective solution is used to help:

  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Repair teeth that have been chipped or cracked
  • Repair decayed teeth
  • Whiten discolored teeth
  • Make teeth appear to be longer
  • Improve the appearance of misshapen teeth
  • Protect areas of teeth that have been exposed due to receding gums
  • Correct areas with low bite pressure (i.e., the front teeth bonding)

Teeth Whitening

Our dentists can work with nearly all patients, including those with sensitivity. The dentist will create a plan to maximize your results in a limited amount of time, and some patients may only need a single session.

For deeper stains, several sessions may be more appropriate. It’s typically good to have a dental cleaning before the whitening process. Those with dental appliances, dental bonding, or dentures may need to consider other options, as whitening might not be the best solution.

There are numerous ways our teeth can become stained or discolored. Our teeth whitening services are great for handling the following types of stains:

  • Dark liquids like coffee and tea
  • Medication stains from antibiotics
  • Mouth trauma
  • Nicotine and tar stains
  • Food stains like blueberries and more

Implants & Smile Makeover

If you’re ready to change your smile with long-lasting dental implants, you’ve come to the right place.

Dental implants are becoming more and common in the cosmetic dentistry world. They can be optimal for patients searching for natural and seamless options for lost teeth. These implants, first and foremost, can do a lot to enhance your physical appearance. If you feel nervous and self-conscious about teeth that are missing, they can be a game-changer for you. Since they can replace lost teeth, they can simultaneously strengthen your feelings of self-worth.


Dental veneers are a good option if you have worn down or chipped and broken teeth. Veneers can cover or fill gaps between teeth. Also, if your teeth are misaligned or irregularly shaped, dental veneers can fix the imperfections. But perhaps the most common reason patients have for getting veneers is tooth discoloration. Sometimes a root canal leaves your teeth with differing colors. Other times stains from drinking coffee or tea for a long time cause discoloration. Staining can even result from properly using prescription drugs. There is a myriad of reasons to consider dental veneers, including:

  • Providing a natural appearance
  • Stain-resistant
  • Not requiring extensive shaping before the procedure

Long-lasting, up to fifteen years, and requiring little special care, veneers are a very good way to revitalize your smile. However, veneers are permanent. Thus it’s wise to talk about the decision thoroughly with your dentist.


If tooth replacement is in your near future, it is important to understand how your life will change. Each person receives their own custom-made set of artificial teeth that fit perfectly with their smile. While you will have to get used to wearing them, you will soon see that they are more comfortable and natural-looking than you might have expected.

Before making your dentures, your dentist will have to prepare your mouth by extracting the damaged teeth. Though this process may be uncomfortable initially, the discomfort will subside after a few weeks.

After extraction, the dentist will have a technician model the new set of teeth after your mouth. When your new teeth are ready, the dentist will have you try them on for the first fitting. During the next visit, your dentist will adjust them to make sure they fit your mouth perfectly. In the first few weeks with your new teeth, it is best to stick to soft foods that are easy to chew. This will help you adjust to your replacement teeth as you practice using them.

Pediatric Dentistry

At Lovett Dental Corpus Christi, we want to help every child develop good dental health habits early on. We do this by creating an environment where children feel at ease and even enjoy themselves. Our pediatric dentistry specialists and our friendly team at our family dental practice provide a comforting experience that positively affects the way your child feels about visiting the dentist.

Children have special dental needs from birth through their late teen years. These special needs require the expert care of a dentist specializing in children’s oral health and development. Pediatric dentistry at Lovett Dental Corpus Christi provides this specialized treatment, ensuring your child’s best chance for an attractive, confident smile.

Specialist Services

As we progress through the stages of life, our smiles can change. At Lovett Dental Corpus Christi, we’re with you every step of the way. From childhood until your senior years, visiting the dentist should be a priority. With our dental specialist services, you’ll experience the kindness and compassion that you’d expect from Lovett Dental Corpus Christi. We make maintaining your smile easy and affordable with our many options. Never miss out on life’s important events due to dental troubles. We’ll get you back into the game before you know it and smiling even more.


Only your dentist or orthodontist can truly assess whether you or your child require orthodontic treatment. However, a consultation, including X-rays and a full dental exam, will help determine if orthodontics is right for you. Still, most children will benefit from visiting an orthodontist at our pediatric dentistry if they have any of the following oral issues:

  • Spacing: Gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Crowding: Teeth are too large for the available jaw space and can push one another out of alignment
  • Overbite: Upper teeth lie too far forward
  • Underbite: Lower teeth lie too far forward
  • Open bite: Space exists between upper and lower front teeth when biting down
  • Misplaced midline: The midline of upper front teeth does not align with the midline of lower front teeth

Implants & Smile Makeover

Dental implants are becoming more and common in the cosmetic dentistry world. They can be optimal for patients searching for natural and seamless options for lost teeth. These implants, first and foremost, can do a lot to enhance your physical appearance. If you feel nervous and self-conscious about teeth that are missing, they can be a game-changer for you. Since they can replace lost teeth, they can simultaneously strengthen your feelings of self-worth.


It’s a common misconception that periodontal issues are relegated to adults. Kids, particularly teenagers, suffer from teeth and gum issues all the time. However, when children need the intervention of periodontics, it’s typically for specific reasons. Chronic gingivitis and aggressive periodontitis are among the most frequent periodontal concerns for children.

If you’re concerned about the health of your teeth and gums, or if your child has irritated or inflamed gums, reach out to our team today to make an appointment.

Oral Surgery

There are many types of oral surgery, and many reasons why you might need it. The oral surgeons at Lovett Dental Corpus Christi are highly trained in all areas of the face, mouth, and jaw, as well as in anesthesiology.

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, grow irregularly during late adolescence and the mid-twenties. Sometimes, you may have impacted wisdom teeth, which is when wisdom teeth grow in the pathway of another tooth. Wisdom teeth may fail to emerge completely. That’s when you need oral surgery to remove your wisdom teeth.

If you’re experiencing constant pain in your teeth or gums, don’t hesitate to contact us.

“Amazing visit. I am typically skeptical about going to the dentist; however, The Lovett Dental team in Humble were welcoming and put me at ease immediately. The dental assistants were gentle with my mouth and teeth. The dentist was informative and was optimistic for my treatment plan. I would definitely recommend this office and staff to all. Don’t delay … this is the place to have your dental needs handled with care and optimum treatment.”

— Tammika P.

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