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Dentures in Houston, Texas

You lose more than your teeth when you have to hide your smile or avoid making eye contact with people. Losing teeth can lead to a lack of confidence, prevent you from eating the foods you love, and impede your ability to communicate effectively.

Dentures are an effective solution for restoring both the form and function of your smile. With regular Houston, Texas teeth cleaning, good oral hygiene, and dental checkups, modern dentures can last for years without needing to be replaced due to aesthetics, comfort, durability, or durability.

Varieties of Dentures

Implant-supported dentures

For stability and comfort, there is nothing better than this denture design. Dentures stabilized by implants mimic the appearance and performance of natural teeth. Implants are permanent fixtures that stimulate the jaw and protect against bone loss by acting as artificial tooth roots. By far the most secure option are implant-supported dentures, which allow you to eat your favorite foods without worrying about them slipping out of place.


Our dentists in Houston, Texas create this type of denture after extracting your teeth and letting your gums heal for a few weeks.


After teeth are extracted, this type can be immediately inserted. Advantages of immediate dentures include not having to endure a toothless period. In order to maintain a snug and comfortable fit while the gums heal, the denture will need to be adjusted.

Removable partial

This alternative denture can be used to fill in gaps caused by tooth loss. You can fix your smile and stop the movement of other teeth with a removable partial denture.

Why You Need Dentures

  • Complete dental extraction because of decay, injury, or gum disease
  • Multiple tooth loss as a result of decay, injury, or gum disease
  • Boost your confidence in the kitchen and your ability to eat your favorite foods without gagging.

Restore Your Smile and Self-Confidence

We can meet the dental needs of your entire family at any one of our many Houston, Texas dental office locations in the greater Houston, Texas area, Beaumont, or Corpus Christi. The dental clinics of Lovett, Splendid, and Haven in Houston, Texas offer comprehensive care, from dentures to oral surgery to cosmetic procedures. You can reach us at 832-804-7427 or visit our website now.