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Ridge Augmentation in Houston, Texas

Even when teeth are extracted, tooth loss can cause bone deterioration in the jaw area. Ridge augmentation is a surgical procedure that can correct this issue and restore a healthy jaw contour. Lovett Dental is a highly regarded dental practice that you can rely on for ridge augmentation.

Reasons Why You Might Need Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation is usually required if a tooth has been lost or extracted. After you lose a tooth, you begin to lose bone. This bone loss causes jawbone recession, altering your smile and appearance. It can also lead to other issues, such as TMJ disorder.

If you did not immediately receive a dental implant to replace a lost tooth, you may have developed an indentation in your jawbone. We can repair this indentation with ridge augmentation and then place a dental implant to prevent further oral health issues caused by the missing tooth.

Ridge augmentation can improve the appearance of your smile and make you look younger. It also reduces your chances of further bone and tooth loss. The procedure enhances the stability of dental implants and the fit of dental restorations.

Why Should You Choose Lovett Dental for Ridge Augmentation?

With ridge augmentation, you can rely on the periodontists at Lovett Dental. They are board-certified and have received extensive training in periodontic services such as osseous surgery, gum recession, tissue grafting, ridge augmentation, and crown lengthening. Clients praise Lovett Dental for making the experience pleasant and delivering long-lasting results. To accommodate people with hectic schedules, we are open early, late, and on Saturdays.

Our dentists are eager to work with you to alleviate any concerns you may have about dental procedures. They listen with compassion and develop a treatment plan that you are happy with. We provide sedation dentistry to anyone who has a sensitive gag reflex, a low pain threshold, sensitive teeth, or general dental anxiety. Oral sedation, IV sedation, and nitrous oxide are among our sedation options.

Lovett Dental provides nearly every dental service imaginable, including:

Ridge Augmentation: What You Should Know

It is critical to select a periodontist who has the necessary certification. Ridge augmentation should only be attempted by professionals. Excessive bleeding, graft rejection, an allergic reaction to the graft, nerve damage, abnormal bone growth, and bone resorption are all possible complications. The procedure may leave you with scars. Your periodontist will advise you on how to reduce your risk of these complications. Risk augmentation, fortunately, has a high success rate.

You should avoid strenuous activities and get plenty of rest after your ridge augmentation procedure. To avoid dislodging the blood clot, avoid spitting and using straws during the first 24-48 hours of recovery. Eat only soft foods until your gums have healed. While you're healing, gradually introduce new foods into your diet. Wait several weeks before attempting to consume crunchy or spicy foods.

Although the discomfort associated with ridge augmentation usually subsides within two weeks, full recovery takes six to nine months. During this time, your new bone tissue will fuse with the alveolar ridge.

By using your own body tissue, you can eliminate the risk of an allergic reaction to the graft material. If you select this option, we will collect the tissue from the underside of your chin. The graft could be made from donor or animal tissue, but there is a risk of complications. Most synthetic graft materials are biocompatible, which means they are unlikely to cause any adverse reactions in your body.

Ridge augmentation is a relatively safe and effective procedure that can help you restore your dental health and prevent jawbone deterioration. The gap left by a missing tooth causes bone loss, so it's critical to replace it as soon as possible. If the bone has begun to deteriorate, you may require ridge augmentation before the implant.

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