Tooth loss, even when it’s from a dental extraction, can cause bone deterioration in the jaw area. Ridge augmentation is a procedure that can stop this problem and restore a healthy jaw contour. Lovett Dental is a top-rated dental office you can trust for ridge augmentation in Houston, TX.

Reasons You May Need a Ridge Augmentation in Houston, TX

happy patient and dentist after ridge augmentationRidge augmentation is usually needed if you have lost a tooth or had a tooth extracted. You begin to lose bone after you lose a tooth. This bone loss results in the jawbone recession, which alters your smile and appearance. It can also lead to other problems like TMJ disorder.

You might have developed an indentation in your jawbone if you haven’t immediately received a dental implant in place of a lost tooth. We can fix this indentation through ridge augmentation, then insert a dental implant to prevent additional oral health problems from the missing tooth.

Ridge augmentation can even your smile and create a more youthful appearance. It also decreases your risk of further bone and tooth loss. The procedure improves stability for dental implants and fit for dental restorations.

Why Choose Us for Your Ridge Augmentation in Houston, TX

Lovett Dental has Houston, TX, periodontists you can trust with ridge augmentation. They are board-certified and thoroughly trained in periodontic services, including osseous surgery, gum recession, and tissue grafting, ridge augmentation, and crown lengthening. Lovett Dental has positive reviews from clients for making the experience pleasant and delivering lasting results. We are open early, late and on Saturdays to accommodate people with busy schedules.

Our dentists are willing to work with you to assuage any anxieties you have about dental procedures. They listen with a compassionate ear and create a treatment plan that you feel comfortable with. We offer sedation dentistry to anyone who has a sensitive gag reflex, a low pain threshold, sensitive teeth or general anxiety about seeing a dentist. Our sedation options include oral sedation, IV sedation, and nitrous oxide.

Lovett Dental offers just about any dental service you could need, including:

What You Need to Know About Ridge Augmentation in Houston, TX

It’s important to choose a Houston, TX, periodontist who you know has the certification. Only professionals should attempt ridge augmentation. Potential complications include excessive bleeding, rejection of the graft, an allergic reaction to the graft, nerve damage, abnormal bone growth, and bone resorption. You may scar from the procedure. Your periodontist will let you know how you can reduce the risk of these complications. Fortunately, risk augmentation has a high success rate.

After your ridge augmentation procedure, you need to avoid strenuous activities and get sufficient rest. You must avoid spitting and using straws during the first 24–48 hours of recovery to prevent dislodging the blood clot. Only eat soft foods until your gums have begun to heal. Carefully and gradually allow yourself to eat different foods while you’re healing. Wait several weeks before you try to eat crunchy or spicy foods.

Although the discomfort you might feel after ridge augmentation typically clears up within two weeks, full recovery takes six to nine months. Over this period, your new bone tissue fuses with the alveolar ridge.

You can eliminate the risk of an allergic reaction to the graft material by using your own body tissue. We’ll collect the tissue from the underside of your chin if you choose this option. You could use donor or animal tissue for the graft, but these do have a risk of complications. The synthetic material used for most synthetic grafts is biocompatible, which means it’s not likely to cause any adverse reactions in your body.

Ridge augmentation is a fairly safe and effective procedure to restore dental health and prevent deterioration of your jawbone. The gap left behind from a missing tooth leads to bone loss, so it’s important to have it replaced as soon as possible. You may need a ridge augmentation before the implant if the bone has started deteriorating.

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