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5 Signs You Need Dental Braces Again

individual getting dental braces again

Most adults who had dental braces as a teen do not want to go down that path again. Unfortunately, there are some situations where you may need to do so. If your teeth are not correctly aligned, they are at risk for tooth decay and gum disease. New solutions can prevent that. When you need dental braces in Houston, our team at Lovett Dental offers the most comprehensive solutions available and a team that's by your side through the process. To learn more about getting braces as an adult, please contact our treatment experts today at 832-804-7427.

Why Adult Braces May Be Necessary Again

Many people who have dental braces as a child do not need to use them a second time. Every orthodontic process aims to provide a long-term solution that does not have to be updated again. However, there are some situations in which you should consider investing in them again.

  1. New gaps form: Gaps between teeth can occur for various reasons. Sometimes this is due to a buildup of plaque between the teeth. Other times, it may be due to shifting teeth, especially if you have had smaller gaps before.
  2. Trouble with crowding: Teeth can crowd together when they come incorrectly aligned. Most often, getting braces as a child can fix this. However, new crowding can form in some people as they get older, warranting braces again.
  3. The onset of gum disease or decay: If you have tooth decay occurring and you practice good oral hygiene, your dentist may want to look deeper into what's happening. Sometimes, it could be due to poor teeth alignment, which makes it very hard for the teeth to receive proper cleanings.
  4. New jaw pain or discomfort: When the jaw does not align properly, this can create pain in the jaw's hinge, right under your ear. You may feel stiffness or soreness in this area. Braces may fix this problem in some people.
  5. Changes in speaking: If you've noticed that it is harder to chew or you are speaking with more of a whistle, that could be an indication of the need for braces as well.

If you have questions about whether you need braces as an adult, please contact Lovett Dental today.

Learn About Your Braces Options

Don't worry. Braces today are more advanced than ever before. When you consider the options for braces, you'll quickly learn that new styles can help you see significant improvement in the alignment of your teeth in a shorter period. No one has to know you are getting this type of treatment either due to clear bracing technology. There's no discomfort or pain associated with the process either, which is something you may remember from traditional braces.

Let Our Team at Lovett Dental Provide Insight to You

To find out if you could benefit from braces, set up a consultation with our orthodontics team today. We're happy to take x-rays and get a better idea of what is happening with your teeth. You may find that this is the best process of ensuring your best dental health over the long term. If your teeth are shifting, they may continue to do so until they become hard to use. The sooner to seek out help, the better. Check out all of our services that may help you:

Dental braces can be a good investment in your dental health. Our team at Lovett Dental wants to help you know what to expect. When you meet with our team, we'll offer a comprehensive exam and solutions for even some of your most complicated problems. So please put your trust in our experience and dedication to you. Call us at 832-804-7427 or connect with us now online.