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Average Cost of Dental Implants

business person holding tooth and coins weighing the cost of dental implants

Dental implants are popular for a reason: a brand new smile will undoubtedly help you feel more confident and secure. So if you have broken, imperfect, or missing teeth, your family dentist might recommend getting an implant to restore your beautiful smile. Haven't you had enough of your tight-lipped smile?

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Why Is the Cost of Dental Implants Higher Than Other Dental Services?

A dental implant is a highly technical prosthodontics procedure to restore missing teeth. This procedure requires skilled experts and time to get the job done. Compared to other teeth replacement options, dental implants are the best in terms of beauty, comfort, durability, and general health benefits compared to other prosthodontics.

The good news is that we provide a range of price offers depending on many varying factors. Find out if you might qualify for better rates or a friendly payment program at Lovett Dental.

What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Implants?

Before we plunge into the cost of dental implants, let's first understand that the price of a particular implant varies. Personal factors such as the number of implants a patient needs, the insurance cover the patient has, the type of surgery, and the kind of implants will determine the cost. Let's take a look at the factors in detail:

Brand of the Dental Implants

Brand name implants are likely to be pricier as compared to generic implants. In most teeth replacement cases, name brands are well-rated and have had a successful reputation for changing how people look and feel about themselves. In this case, most patients are likely to choose them over other options. However, there is a price attached to the brand.

Generic implants will be much cheaper as they are less common. Additionally, there is little information regarding their performance in patients. For these reasons, you will find them more affordable. So if you are looking for a way to cut down your dental implant cost, generic implants are a great option.

Type and Number of Implants

Another factor to consider is the type of dental implants that you will need. More implants mean that the cost will be higher. Besides, if the implants require additional dental work such as extractions, periodontal treatment, bone grafts, and sinus grafts, you will incur extra costs.

Insurance Policies and the Cost of Dental Implants

Insurance policies vary from one provider to another, and some will only provide insurance cover on the medically required dental implants. An insurance provider will be willing to lower the procedure's cost for medical reasons rather than cosmetic reasons. However, there are a few other ways you can reduce the price even if you are doing dental implants for cosmetic reasons.

Joining our membership plan will help you lower the cost even if you do not have dental insurance. It will also be handy, especially when the policy cannot cover the procedure. By having a membership plan with us, you will save 35% on all your dental procedures. What's more, you will get free teeth cleaning, examination, and X-rays twice a year.

What Is the Average Cost of Dental Implants?

While there are factors that could influence the cost of dental implants, there is the average cost that you could expect to pay. For the dental implant services we offer, the average cost is as follows:

  • Single Implant and crown - $2,999-$4,000
  • Snap-on overdenture - $9,999- $12,000
  • Hybrid Fixed Denture -$19,000-$25,000
  • Fixed Implant Denture- $9,000-$19,999

Payment Plans and Options for Reduced Cost

If you cannot meet the cost of dental implants all at once, we will work with you to offer a suitable payment plan that meets your financial needs. We provide friendly options such as low monthly payments and deferred interest plans to help you afford your appropriate dental implant.

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The cost of dental implants can be unnerving. However, there are myriad benefits of dental implants. Not only are the implants aesthetically pleasing, but they also look like real teeth. You can brush and floss them just like regular teeth.

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