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Holiday Healthy Teeth Tips

Woman enjoys her Healthy teeth because she followed the steps

The holiday season is upon us, and we know what that means: candy bars, candy canes, sugar plums, and more! Not to mention the ever so tough-to-open package that finds its way to your healthy teeth to be torn open. Holidays are tough on teeth. We are here to help repair any holiday damages, but we'd like to help you prevent them!

During the holiday season, candy bowls are being restocked perpetually. The United States spends multi-billions of dollars on candy between October and January 1st. In other words, people are consuming a large amount of sugar. Our dental team can help you maintain your dental health. Contact Lovett Dental today at 832-804-7427 for more information.

Hard Candies Can Bite Back

Even though they are savory, hard candies tempt us to chew. Even the healthiest teeth are strained by biting down on crystallized sugar. Chipped and cracked teeth can result in significant pain and suffering. Tooth trauma can lead to root canals and other more extensive procedures. Biting down on hard candy can also worse preexisting dental care issues. This season, when you unwrap that sweet, think before you bite down. Take your time and enjoy the taste.

Sticky Sugar Sticks Around After the Holidays

In addition to the hard candy, the other dental care nemesis from the holidays is sticky candy. These might not chip a tooth, but they sure will wear out their welcome. Sticky foods get stuck between crevices that are not easily reached or tended to. These pockets of sugar can have a lasting effect on dental care. Be sure to check your teeth well after eating particularly sticky foods. Another precaution is eating with or just after a meal. The mixture of other textures, enzymes, and drinks help keep the stickiness moving past your healthy teeth. A little pocket of sugar can lead to a painful cavity over time. Stick to the foods that are not sticky.

Guard Those Teeth Against Battle

Teeth are for chewing food. Teeth are not for opening presents and packages. Each year we see patients visit us after using their teeth to open a stubborn package. From chip bags to stocking stuffers, packages are causing extreme pain. This use of your teeth can also cause teeth to be pulled out of place, which causes teeth not to line up correctly. The good news is, it's preventable. Just grab a pair of scissors or a pocket knife and save the time, discomfort, and money associated with a dental issue. Be aware of holiday care for your teeth this season.

Regular Dental Care During Holidays

Even though your schedule may change during the holiday season, your dental care shouldn't. Brushing two to three times a day, flossing, and drinking water will go a long way to protect and prevent holiday dental issues. Simple cautions and simple cleaning can protect you from a bad day.
If the holiday care doesn't thwart your dental pain, don't worry, we're here to help.

Follow these guidelines when emergency dental pain occurs:

  1. Take Tylenol as directed on the bottle or packaging label.
  2. If your mouth is bleeding, stay calm. Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, or Aleve). These drugs are blood thinners (anticoagulants) and could make the bleeding worse.
  3. Apply an ice pack to the area in pain for up to 20 minutes every hour.
  4. Injured teeth and gums can create infections and other complications; contact us as soon as possible.
  5. If your emergency is life-threatening, call 911 or go to the hospital emergency room for emergency medical service.

Maybe you would like to schedule a pre or post-holiday dental cleaning. Just contact Lovett Dental at 832-804-7427, or contact us online and schedule a holiday appointment today. Keep your teeth healthy this holiday season!