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Saturday Dental Appointments

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Dental problems can arise at the most inconvenient of times, causing all kinds of disruptions to your work commitments, social activities, or your free time. And there’s nothing worse than having to wait for treatment, particularly when you’re in pain or urgently wanting to get something fixed. Unlike many clinics, Lovett Dental offers Saturday dental appointments alongside our weekday practice, providing you with the care that you need, whenever you need it.

When Should I Visit the Dentist?

Many people avoid going to the dentist, often because of their anxiety about dental treatment, or sometimes because they don’t believe their dental problems are serious enough, or perhaps just because they’re too busy.

At Lovett Dental, we understand the stress and worries that can accompany a visit to the dentist. That’s why our specialists are dedicated to making your visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible. They offer sedation dentistry, which uses a number of different techniques to help you relax and maintain your calm while we help you treat your dental issues. After a visit to a Lovett Dental clinic, you might find that some of your anxieties relating to dental treatment have subsided.

Regardless of the health of your teeth and mouth, it’s worth scheduling regular dental appointments. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends visiting your dentist at least once a year. Even if you think that nothing needs to be treated, it’s important to let a dental professional assess your oral health and prevent any problems that may develop in the future.

We also offer a wide variety of different appointments, at different times and on different days. We know that everyone has their own schedule, so we try to be open and available as much as possible. If you work regular hours during the week, you might struggle to find the time to see a dentist, particularly as many clinics may have similar hours to you. Lovett Dental opens early during the week, as well as staying open late, so you’re more than likely to get a chance to see us before or after work.

If it’s absolutely impossible for you to pay us a visit on weekdays, why not make an appointment for Saturday? We’re open on Saturdays, and these appointments provide the same excellent service that we’re known for, whether it’s an emergency or just a check-up.

What’s Available at Saturday Dental Appointments?

Our Saturday dental appointments offer a variety of basic and specialty dental services, including:

  • General dentistry, including routine cleanups and preventative care.
  • Cosmetic dentistry, if you’re concerned about the color of your teeth or anything else related to getting a brighter smile.
  • Orthodontics, specialty services that use custom devices to correct any problems with your smile or your bite.
  • Periodontics, preventing, diagnosing, and treating problems relating to oral inflammation, which is often caused by periodontal disease.
  • Endodontics, advanced dental procedures, and techniques to help care for extreme dental pain or mouth trauma, including carrying out root canals.

Where Can I Find a Lovett Dental Clinic?

Lovett Dental has a number of different locations, all conveniently located in the Houston, TX area. Some of our locations include:

  • Baytown
  • Cinco Ranch
  • Missouri City
  • Gulfgate mall
  • Pasadena

At these and many other locations, we offer Saturday dental appointments to ensure that our patients will be treated whenever it’s necessary. Get in touch with us, and before you know it, you’ll be seeing one of our professional, qualified dentists, who are ready to solve your dental issues in the best way possible.

Just because you're busy, that doesn't mean you can’t get the dental treatment you deserve. Call us at 832-804-7427, and find out about our Saturday dental appointments.