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What Halloween Candy You Can Eat with Braces?

Woman eating candy with braces.

For most people, the Halloween experience would not be complete without eating as many candies and other homemade treats as possible. While you may want to get the best out of such occasions, you would also desire to have a painless and quick dental treatment. Lovett Dental reveals the type of candy you can eat while safeguarding your teeth's health, especially when you still have braces. For more information, please contact our dental team today at 832-804-7427.

Chocolate Candy

Chocolate is among the top choices for candy lovers because it melts wholly and quickly. As such, you can easily remove it from your teeth with an extended brushing session, relieving the worries of exposing your teeth to acidic substances.

This treat is one candy you can eat with your braces on without interfering with the orthodontic process. Chocolate candy should always be on your list of what to eat every Halloween.

Peanut Butter Cups

If you or your loved ones have braces, you can still eat peanut butter cups. The candy is ideal for people with braces because of the smooth texture, which quickly dissolves in your mouth and leaves minimal residue. Furthermore, peanut butter cups are a favorite across different age groups, including parents. Stock them for the best family experience during Halloween.

Soft Caramel

Caramel is not a popular choice for many people because of its high food coloring composition. However, a few options of the caramel candies are suitable for people who have braces. For example, 'Milky Ways' or 'Kisses with Caramel' are appropriate to eat if you have dental braces. But brush your teeth as soon as your candy-eating session is complete.

Candies to Avoid During Halloween

Some types of candies can damage your braces and teeth, delaying the process of the orthodontics treatment. As long as you or your loved ones would love to have candy during Halloween, it is prudent to be aware of the kinds of sweets to avoid, safeguarding the health of your teeth.
So, what should kids and adults always avoid eating during Halloweens?

Hard Candies

Some types of candies, such as sour treats and lollipops, dissolve slowly in your mouth. As such, they expose your teeth to more acids, increasing the risk of tooth damage. Taking a bite of hard candies can also dislodge your dental braces, complicating the treatment process.

Frozen Candy

Many families like stocking Halloween candy in freezers. This year, keep them at room temperature because hard-frozen candies are dangerous to your braces.

Other candies to avoid if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment include:

  • Chewing gum
  • Small-coated candies
  • Sticky and taffy sweets
  • Popcorn balls
  • Tootsie rolls

Seek Professional Advice for Candy You Can Eat

Are you looking for the best kinds of candies to eat with your family for this year's Halloween? Seeking professional help from a dentist is essential in ensuring your family's oral health is well-taken care of, and your loved ones with braces can also enjoy the day.

Experts reveal that most teeth problems sprout from gum infections, which can be caused or aggravated by sugar and artificial sweeteners in candy.
Apart from advice on the best candy to eat, you will also receive a wide range of dental treatment services, including:

Get Dental Advice and Treatment at Lovett Dental

As you think about the right candy you can eat during Halloween, reach out to us for more advice on safeguarding your braces and overall dental health. Contact Lovett Dental at 832-804-7427 today to schedule a dental appointment.