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Pediatric Dentistry in Missouri City

Instilling healthy dental habits in children is highly important as it will help them understand how to care for their teeth for the rest of their lives. Our pediatric dentistry office in Missouri City provides the highest-quality care and attention to children of all ages. 

Our goal is to help children understand that healthy dental habits aren’t scary or painful. We love seeing kids leave our offices happy and with bright and shiny smiles; this is what motivates us each day. 

The dental health care needs of children are distinct and require specific checkups and treatment, all of which our dentists can provide. Every pediatric dentist that works with us has undergone additional years of training on top of dental school. They specialize in infant, child, and adolescent oral health - specifically for those requiring unique dental care. 

The teeth, gums, and jaw go through many changes before a person reaches adulthood. Regular dental checkups are not only a recommendation but a necessity to guarantee proper dental health care among children. Visit Lovett, Splendid, and Haven pediatric dentistry in Missouri City and let our pediatric dentists bring out your child’s beautiful smile!

Pediatric Dentistry for Stunning and Healthy Smiles

There’s a reason why cavities are commonplace among children, and that’s usually down to improper dental care or the consumption of sugar-rich foods (candy, baked goods, etc.). However, with the proper dental care, your kids won’t have to avoid these foods completely (although we recommend reducing the amounts to a minimum). After all, kids are kids and they might snag something sweet when you’re not looking!

The only way to make sure your child’s dental health won’t be impacted negatively is by teaching them proper dental care and explaining the reasons behind it. Making brushing their teeth fun can also help motivate them. 

But the most important aspect of good dental health care is regular visits to the dentist. Pediatric dentists spend most of their time treating infants, young kids, and adolescents, but they may also treat teenagers and young adults if necessary. 

Therefore, regular dental checkups for kids are beneficial not only for kids but for your chosen pediatric dentist as well since they’ll be able to effectively keep track of what’s happening with your child’s dental health and advise accordingly. They’ll also easily tell if your kid regularly flosses, brushes their teeth, and avoids (or indulges) certain foods. 

Some kids and teenagers may require specialized dental care due to numerous factors that may influence their oral health, including genetics, illnesses, and more. 

Pediatric Dentist Training in Missouri City

Dentists who wish to specialize in pediatric dentistry undertake a 4-year post-graduate training program and an additional 2 years in residency so they can learn how to treat kids of all ages, including those with specific dental requirements. 

With Lovett Dental, you’ll always be sure your children will receive the best possible dental health care and advice from our skilled and experienced pediatric dentists. 

Prevent Dental Issues Before They Appear

Early detection of dental issues and a detailed diagnosis will help us treat your child with all the necessary treatments (or just advice) to prevent the issues from worsening. 

Taking your child to your pediatric dentist twice a year will greatly reduce their chances of developing gum disease, cavities, and tooth sensitivity. Visiting the dentist frequently will ensure minimal dental work (if any). The dentist will clean the teeth, and treat your kid’s cavities, repair damaged enamel, or remove teeth that need to be removed. 

The dentist will also let you know if your child needs oral surgery or orthodontics, guaranteeing a swift response that will stop any issues from becoming exacerbated. On top of that, it’s easier to treat dental issues that have just appeared than those that have become more serious over time. 

Pediatric Dentistry Services

Pediatric dentists are the perfect choice for providing consistent dental treatment and checkups. The following procedures and services are available as part of pediatric dentistry:

  • Early orthodontics
  • Dental care for cavities and teeth flaws
  • Dental exams and recommendations for improving infants’ dental health
  • Habit counseling (e.g. if your infant is sucking on their thumb)
  • Treatment for dental injuries and emergency dental services
  • Diagnosis for oral conditions caused by illnesses and diseases
  • Management for gum disease and other gum/jaw conditions
  • Advice on maintaining oral health during childhood

Pediatric dentistry is there to help both parents and kids understand the value of getting regular dental checkups. Your chosen family dentist can have a valuable and helpful conversation with your child on the topic of proper dental care and oral hygiene. 

They’ll also help guardians or parents learn how to provide the best dental care for their kids. This is done during consultations and can be used to assist the entire family in developing the right dental hygiene and care routines. Daily brushing and flossing is one such piece of advice. 

Preventative care services are an important part of making sure your (and your kid’s) teeth stay clean, strong, and beautiful. Some of these services include dental cleaning, fluoride treatments & dental sealants (to prevent tooth decay), dental x-rays, and more. 

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