At Lovett Dentistry, we believe in providing our patients with an integrative and holistic approach when it comes to their dental needs. We advocate not only safe and effective dentistry but also and recognize the importance of dental care in your overall health. Oral health is connected to the health of your entire body, which is why our team prioritizes educating patients about each procedure. From routine cleanings to advanced surgeries, Lovett Dentistry provides the most effective and least invasive option to benefit each patient.


Dr. Jim Nored is one of our holistic dentists and he’s been providing holistic dental services for 45 years. For many years, Dr. Nored has followed the teaching of Dr. Hal Huggins, studying books and lectures while actively applying holistic protocols in dentistry.  Dr. Nored views the mouth as an integrated part of the whole body considering oral health problems as they relate to total body health. He is 100% committed to using safe, durable, non-toxic, biocompatible dental materials for all his patients.

The specialties of our Texas dental offices include:

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Biocompatible Materials

We can’t always heal cavities, so sometimes, we have to repair teeth by using materials to help restore them. There is no quick fix when it comes to repairing and healing eroded tooth enamel.


At Lovett Dentistry, we consider it vital to ensure the restorative materials we use are biocompatible to ensure our patient’s safety and reduce reaction risk.


All medical treatments should be specific to you! We will take steps to make sure restorative materials are compatible with your body. We make sure to perform allergy and other materials sensitivity testing to ensure you’re never fitted with a restorative material that will trigger an unhealthy response from you.


Safe Mercury Removal

Dental Amalgam is a dental filling material that dentists use to fill holes in your teeth caused by cavities and tooth decay. At Lovett Dentistry, our filling and crown removal process is designed to keep you safe from any toxic by-products. Special air ionizers, drapes, suction, and dams are utilized while the patient is breathing in an alternate way to ensure complete protection from inhaling harmful mercury vapors.


Mercury fillings are usually covered by insurance and can be easier to place, though not worth the risk. Dentists who use mercury amalgam fillings may reference the FDA’s clearance of the material, but holistic dentists recognize that mercury is a toxic material regardless of quantity.


At Lovett, we do not place mercury fillings and are expertly equipped to remove and replace them. 


Root Canal Alternatives

Traditional dentists may immediately recommend root canal therapy to save a decayed tooth. With a holistic approach, our dentists will consider the option that is best for your individual case as root canals can have adverse health effects. Pulp therapy can be used as an alternative to root canals.


Holistic Dentistry Approaches

With our holistic approach, we prefer to focus on prevention. By following proper dental care, nutrition, and quick action, we can stop dental issues from the root of the problem.


Holistic Dental Treatments:

  • Using the least toxic dental-restorative materials 
  • Performing sensitivity testing for individualized treatments
  • Safe removal of mercury-containing fillings or crowns
  • Natural cavity treatment and prevention
  • Ozone therapy
  • Xylitol use 
  • Fluoride-free prevention products
  • Dental Herb Company rinses and toothpaste with essential oils and no alcohol
  • Nonsurgical and probiotic approaches to gum disease prevention and treatment
  • Nutrition consult for the prevention or reversal of dental diseases
  • TMJ and migraine treatment
  • Sleep disorder screening and testing


Metal-Free Implants

Although metal allergy is very rare, in Lovett Dentistry, we make sure that our patient’s health and safety are our top priority. This is why we offer Zirconia Dental Implants. It is metal-free as it is made out of the crystal phase of zirconium which is perfect for people who have metal allergies. Also, it does not interfere with the body’s immune system and meridian systems and therefore reduces the potential for rejection. It also does not interact with EMFs. We use 3D diagnostic technology in planning the placement and reconstruction of the implants to provide the best-fitting implants in order to help you achieve that radiant smile. 


Healing Small Cavities

The human body is capable of healing itself, and this includes our teeth! The problem is that as the teeth try to repair themselves over time, they reach a certain limit which is why our teeth cannot heal themselves by a normal set of conditions. Also, the healing process is relatively slow, and the process of destruction is proportionately fast. The most important step to heal cavities is to stop the process of decay. We can then create a plan to reverse the tooth decay rather than manually removing and filling it.


Solving tooth decay is a very personalized process. The treatment plan and decision if you are a candidate for this approach will be determined during your visit.


Holistic Dental Hygene

With our Holistic Dentistry, we believe that oral health does not only concern the mouth but a person’s overall body. Since it is focused more on the entirety of your body, it does not use any mercury fillings. In Lovett Dentistry, our hygienists are oriented towards prevention. They teach through innovative home care methods of disinfection, adopting “the healing is in the doing” philosophy. Oil pulling, cleanings, ozone oils, digital x-rays, are a few of the excellent procedures offered.