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Holistic Dentistry in Houston, Texas

When it comes to our patients' oral health, we at Lovett Dentistry take a patient-centered, entire approach. We realize the significance of dental care to your overall health and advocate for both safe and effective dental practices. 

Our staff places a premium on patient education because we know that good oral health may have a profound impact on overall health. Lovett Dentistry offers the most efficient and least invasive procedure for each individual patient, from simple cleanings to complex procedures.

One of our holistic dentists is Dr. Jim Nored, who has been in practice for 45 years. Dr. Nored has been a student of Dr. Hal Huggins' for quite some time, learning about holistic dental practices from Huggins' writings and attending Huggins' seminars. 

Dr. Nored considers the connection between oral health issues and systemic health because he sees the mouth as an integral part of the body. For all of his patients, he is absolutely dedicated to just employing biocompatible, non-toxic, long-lasting dental products.

Our dental clinics in Houston, Texas focus on the following areas of expertise:

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Biocompatible Materials

Cavities aren't always treatable, therefore it's necessary to use restorative materials to help fix teeth when they've been damaged. Erosion of tooth enamel cannot be repaired or healed quickly.

For the sake of our patients' health and well-being, we place a premium on using biocompatible restoration materials here at Lovett Dental.

You deserve individualized care from your doctor. We'll take precautions to guarantee that the replacement parts fit in well with your anatomy. To guarantee that you are never fitted with a restorative material that will cause an undesirable response from you, we execute allergy and other materials sensitivity tests.

Safe Mercury Removal

Dental amalgam is a substance used by dentists to repair cavities and decayed areas of teeth. At Lovett Dental, we take special precautions to ensure that you are not exposed to any harmful substances throughout the filling or crown removal process. Patients are fully shielded from inhaling toxic mercury vapors by using special air ionizers, drapes, suction, and dams during rebreathing.

Mercury fillings are easier to install, and insurance companies often pay for them, but the risks aren't worth it. Dentists who utilize mercury amalgam fillings may point to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval of the substance, but holistic dentists know that mercury is harmful in any amount.

Lovett Dental does not use mercury in our fillings and is fully equipped to remove and replace existing fillings.

Root Canal Alternatives

Root canal therapy is often the first line of defense for saving a decaying tooth from a traditional dentist. Because root canals can have negative impacts on health, our dentists will take a holistic approach and help you decide which course of action is best for you. As an alternative to root canal treatment, pulp therapy can be performed.

Holistic Dentistry Approaches

Our holistic method emphasizes avoidance rather than cure. In order to prevent dental problems from developing, it is necessary to adhere to regular oral care, nutrition, and prompt action.

Holistic Dental Treatments:

  • Utilizing the safest possible dental fillings and crowns
  • Doing sensitivity analyses for targeted therapies
  • Safe extraction of amalgam restorations
  • Cavity Prevention and Treatment Using Natural Methods
  • Ozone treatment
  • Use of Xylitol
  • Substitutes for fluoride in disease prevention
  • Essential oil-infused mouthwashes and alcohol-free toothpaste from Dental Herb Company
  • Gum disease can be prevented and treated with probiotics and other non-surgical methods.
  • Dental disease prevention and treatment with nutritional counseling
  • Migraine and TMJ Remedy
  • Examining and diagnosing sleep disorders

Metal-Free Implants

Although metal allergies are extremely uncommon, at Lovett Dentistry we always put the well-being of our patients first. Zirconia Dental Implants are offered for this reason. Zirconium crystal phase construction means it is safe for those with metal allergies because it contains no metals. 

The risk of rejection is also diminished because it does not disrupt the body's immunological or meridian systems. It also has no reaction to electromagnetic fields. To help you get that beautiful smile, we use 3D diagnostic technology to carefully arrange the placement and restoration of the implants.

Healing Small Cavities

Our teeth, like the rest of our bodies, have the ability to heal themselves. Our teeth are unable to heal themselves under normal circumstances because, when the teeth try to mend themselves over time, they eventually approach a limit. 

The rate of destruction is proportionally higher than the rate of healing. To cure cavities, it is crucial to halt the degradation process. Instead of removing and filling the decayed tooth, we can devise a strategy to reverse it.

Tooth decay treatment is a highly individual endeavor. At your appointment, we will discuss your treatment options and assess if this method is right for you.

Holistic Dental Hygiene

To us at Holistic Dental, a patient's oral health is much more than just their teeth. Because of its holistic approach, it does not employ mercury fillings. Hygienists at Lovett Dental have a preventative mindset. 

The "healing is in the doing" principle is put into practice as they instruct through novel approaches of disinfection in the home. Some of the best options are oil pulling, cleanings, ozone oils, and digital x-rays.

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