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Clear Aligners

Clear Aligner Trays

Straightening your teeth does not have to be difficult, painful, or demeaning. Clear aligners eliminate the hassles associated with traditional braces while giving you the straight, beautiful teeth you've always wanted. Fitted into your mouth like a custom mouth guard, clear aligner trays straighten your teeth. Our staff at Lovett Dental hopes that you will take the time to investigate whether or not this treatment option can help you achieve the grin of your dreams. 

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What Are Clear Aligners?

The teeth are hidden from view by custom-fit acrylic trays known as clear aligners. When in place, these aligners gradually shift teeth into place. Although the process is slow, the teeth will eventually shift into place, giving you the beautiful, even smile you've always wanted.

What Is the Process for Getting Clear Aligner Trays?

We'll go over all the options for correcting your crooked smile with you when you come in for your dental checkup. Procedures for using clear aligners include:

  • An x-ray and medical checkup will be required to determine if you are a suitable candidate.
  • After taking digital photographs and measurements of your teeth, custom-made clear aligner trays will be made for you.
  • After being fabricated, the clear aligners are custom-fit to your mouth to guarantee a pleasant experience.
  • A new set of clear aligner trays will be provided in a few weeks so that your teeth can settle into their new position.
  • This process will last until your teeth are aligned properly. Straightening your teeth with an aligner typically takes a few months, though it can take much longer in some cases.

There are a number of other steps involved, but when you come in for a consultation, we'll go over everything with you in detail. You will also observe the design and operation of the clear aligner trays. This discussion will help you quickly grasp the advantages at your disposal.

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Straightening Like This?

When it comes to fixing your grin, you have choices. Metal and ceramic braces are still viable options for straightening teeth. That includes virtually invisible clear ceramic braces. However, clear aligners provide a number of advantages that have made them one of the most popular options for straightening teeth recently.

  • They are very obscure. The transparent nature of the trays makes it so that they go largely unnoticed while in use.
  • The trays can be taken out whenever necessary. When you don't want to risk anyone noticing your poor oral hygiene, this is a useful tool.
  • Clear aligners last a long time. That's why it's okay to eat whatever you want (though we still recommend low sugar diets).
  • Aligners with transparent trays work well. In many cases, they can aid in the rapid relocation of teeth.
  • People generally report feeling more at ease as well. When used, there is no need to endure a painful tightening process.

Because of these potential advantages, clear aligners for teeth straightening may be worth looking into. They could be the key to achieving the grin of your dreams.

Should you consider getting clear aligners instead of braces? Make an appointment with Lovett Dental even if you are unsure about whether or not you need teeth straightening. When you visit our office, we will conduct a thorough examination and discuss the possibility of using clear aligner trays to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Call us at 832-804-7427 or send us a message through our website today to set up an appointment.