Teeth straightening does not have to be challenging, painful, or embarrassing. With clear aligners, you can have the straight, in-line smile you desire without all of the challenges of traditional braces. Clear aligner trays are fitted into your mouth to do the work for you. At Lovett Dental, our team encourages you to learn more about how this type of solution may give you the smile you want. You just need to come in for an appointment to do so. Call our team today at 832-804-7427 to learn more about our orthodontic treatment options.

What Are Clear Aligners?an example of clear aligner trays

Clear aligner trays are acrylic trays that are fitted perfectly into your mouth to cover the teeth. Once in place, these aligners work to push the teeth into the desired position gently. This treatment takes time to happen, but the teeth will gradually shift into the desired position to create the straight, even smile you want.

What Is the Process for Getting Clear Aligner Trays?

When you come in to see your dentist about teeth straightening, we’ll talk to you about the various types of technology and resources available to help you. Clear aligners require several steps:

  • You’ll need an x-ray and exam to ensure you are a good fit for them.
  • The clear aligner trays are created for you based on measurements and digital images taken of your smile.
  • Once made, the clear aligners are fitted into your mouth to ensure they are snug and comfortable.
  • In a few weeks, you’ll come back for a new set of clear aligner trays to adjust to the new position of your teeth.
  • This treatment continues until your teeth are correctly in line. Aligners typically take a matter of months to get your teeth into the right alignment, though some can be significantly longer.

Various other steps are a part of this process, but you’ll learn what to expect when you come in for a consultation with us. You’ll also get to see what the clear aligner trays look like and how they function. This discussion is an easy way for you to see the benefits available to you.

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Straightening Like This?

You have options when it comes to improving your smile. Teeth straightening can still be done using metal or ceramic braces. That includes clear ceramic braces that are hard to see. Yet, clear aligners offer a few key benefits that make them one of the most sought after solutions in teeth straightening today.

  • They are hard to see. Because the trays are clear, it is hard for anyone to notice they are in place when you are using them.
  • You can remove the trays from time to time. This helps with improving dental hygiene and can help in those situations where you don’t want to risk someone noticing them.
  • Clear aligners are very durable. For that reason, you can eat whatever foods you desire (though we still recommend low sugar diets).
  • Clear aligner trays are efficient. They can often help to move your teeth faster than other types of braces.
  • Most people also note they are more comfortable. There is no painful tightening process from using them either.

For all of these reasons, you may want to consider the benefits of clear aligners for your smile. They may be just what you need to have a smile you love.

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