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Teeth Grinding in Houston, Texas

Teeth grinding is a common, though not severe, condition in which the patient clenches their mandible, causing their teeth to scrape against one another. It is a typically unconscious condition that occurs most frequently during sleep. It affects both infants and adults, with stress being the primary cause in adults.

Although teeth grinding, or bruxism, can occur while conscious, it is primarily a sleep disorder, and as such, the individual is frequently unnoticed. Without a dental exam, you may be unaware that you grit your teeth, despite the fact that it can occasionally result in headaches.

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Causes of Teeth Grinding

The majority of adults grind their teeth unconsciously as a result of tension or anxiety. This action can cause mandible or head pain, but if it is severe enough and continues for an extended period of time without intervention, it can cause tooth fractures or wear.

The most prevalent manifestation of bruxism is teeth grinding during sleep, which can also have an anxiety or stress component. It may also be caused by Bruxism, poor sleep quality, insomnia, and other sleep disorders. You may not even be aware of it unless a dentist notices tooth wear, which is a great reason to get regular dental checkups, particularly if you're also receiving treatment for anxiety.

How Can I Tell If I Grind My Teeth?

In many cases, there will be no visible symptoms, especially if the grinding occurs during sleep. You may experience mandible discomfort on one side or a dull headache on one side of your head. These are caused by the clenching of the jaw muscles during slumber. In a self-reinforcing cycle, teeth grinding can occur not only as a result of sleep deprivation, but also as a result of inadequate sleep.

Misalignment of the jaw is an additional cause of teeth grinding, though it is more prevalent in minors. Adults with untreated misalignment issues, such as an overbite or underbite, should be screened for teeth clenching by their dentist.

Can My Dentist Help with Teeth Grinding?

Your dentist can determine if you pulverize your teeth through a simple examination. They will examine your back teeth in particular for evidence of wear. If they suspect teeth clenching, they can intervene in a number of ways.

If nighttime teeth grinding is caused by anxiety, the first step is to work with your dentist and physician to manage your tension. While you address this issue, your dentist can equip you for a mouthguard to wear while sleeping to prevent teeth grinding.

If you have been crushing your teeth in silence for an extended period of time, your dentist may need to intervene with crowns, bridges, or dentures.

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